We are Panca Tractors. We make excellent
agricultural machines

Indonesia may be proud. This agricultural land which is very extensive in agricultural and plantation land has an international standard agricultural equipment manufacturing industry: PT Panca Tractors Indonesia. The company founded by the married couple Asep Tirta Sanjaya in 1976 in Bandung is the largest national private company in the industry of two-wheeled tractors, four-wheeled tractors and four-wheeled rural tractors with the John Deere brand

Established as a large workshop, PT Panca Tractors Indonesia is growing rapidly in business and human resources. In addition to increasing production capacity, marked by a significant expansion of the plant, marketing is also expanding, marked by export reach to the 16 countries other than the national market which of course has been controlled. More and more workers are absorbed.

With John Deere, PT Panca Tractors Indonesia is growing bigger according to the determination, passion, and conviction of the founder, namely to fight and work with a professional attitude, both in the business community and the general public. In addition, PT Panca Tractors Indonesia also seeks to play a role and actively participate in Indonesian nation-building activities. The founder's ideals are maintained up to now and so on.


Four facts about the technology

Pay attention to consumers

Give the best service, build relationships of mutual respect, responsibility, and full of intimacy, and mutually beneficial to both parties.

Pay attention to partners

Build mutualism relationships professionally with fellow colleagues as work partners to achieve mutually beneficial conditions.

Pay attention to human resources

Place all employees as an invaluable part of the company, so it is the company's obligation to pay attention to their development, progress and well-being.

Pay attention to the community

Encourage every employee to actively participate in association with the community so that indirectly each of our employees is a public relations company.